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Christi Bazemore

by pcg-admin

“Just prior to taking this course I was promoted.  The new position is not necessarily a “supervisor” position, but it is a “Leadership” position. Being that this is my first Leadership position, I had little knowledge and experience of leading people.  I am glad we were able to take this course as a leadership team.  I feel that it was a good experience as a team as well as for individuals.  Our team as a whole has begun to, and will continue to benefit from the curriculum, especially because we are such a young team.  I have taken something away from each and every module and have recognized others utilizing the material on a daily basis from creating teams to setting performance expectations to conflict resolutions (and we all knew how badly our team needed that!)  I was able to relate all of the material to specific events/circumstances at work.  I catch myself thinking back and referring back to class and it’s curriculum when faced with a challenge.  Again, it has not only improved my leadership knowledge and skills, but also made an obvious and apparent change in the way the supervisors and the “leadership team” operate.”

pcg-adminChristi Bazemore