Domestic Violence Seminars

domestic violence

Understand Your Role in Preventing Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is considered by many to be one of the three nationwide epidemics. The others are Obesity, and HIV/Aids and not necessarily in that order. Sam has been on a mission for the past 10 years to combat domestic violence. He contributes to education and awareness to create networking opportunities for organizations involved directly with the public who are already impacted more than they realize.

Sam will identify three primary first responders to domestic violence. These responders are identified as; law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and not necessarily in that order. Another First responder often overlooked is the general public. The public may in fact be the first and only one to discover or have a domestic violence incident reported to them. We must realize that billions of dollars are lost every year due to medical expenses, lost wages, loss of productivity in the work place by employees who are the victims of domestic violence.

Sam has been a state and federally certified instructor in Domestic Violence Training. He has a passion for helping victims of domestic violence and he is on a mission to help first responders clarify their responsibility and the importance of their actions. Domestic Violence is quite misunderstood. It is a crime, and not a family matter and we are all impacted.

Let Sam help your organization recognize domestic violence and respond, so we will all be safer.  Please contact him at 850.596.7335 for more details.

Sam SlayDomestic Violence Seminars