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Work Less, Live More, Be Happy

The WorkJockey® Leadership Development training and coaching series was designed for organizations and employees willing to invest in their development.  The philosophies taught in this program were selected to represent the most important concepts in long-term sustainable employee engagement.  This series could have the biggest impact upon the performance of employees and therefore, upon the future of you and your organization. The follow-up and Follow-Through in adopting and supporting these philosophies is critical for success.

The curriculum is designed to create and foster employee engagement therefore creating successful employees AND successful organizations.

You will learn:

  • Definition of a WorkJockey
  • Mastering The Bridge
  • Principles of a WorkJockey
  • What’s Most Important
  • How to become a WorkJockey
  • Maintaining Membership
  • Health of a WorkJockey
  • Maintenance Steps
  • Wealth of a WorkJockey
  • Staying on track
  • Wisdom of a WorkJockey
  • Why are you a WorkJockey
 Module 1  Saddle Up – Time to Become a WorkJockey
 Module 2  Beginning the WorkJockey Journey
 Module 3  WorkJockey Principles
 Module 4  WorkJockey Wisdom
 Module 5  Break Bad Habits before They Break You
 Module 6  When the Going Gets Tough
 Module 7  Working Wisely
 Module 8  Aim for High Performance
 Module 9  WorkJockey Communication Tips
 Module 10  WorkJockeys and Wealth
 Module 11  The Inner Game
 Module 12   The Mind, Body, and Spirit of a WorkJockey
 Module 13   Your Health Supports Your Success
 Module 14   WorkJockeys Lead
 Module 15   Continuing Your Progress
 Module 16   When You Fall Off Track
 Module 17   Your WorkJockey Legacy

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