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Silent Leadership

by Sam Slay
High Performance

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Silent Leadership occurs without what we traditionally call a Position or “Positional Power”. It occurs most effectively by those who can determine what interests someone else and can balance their interests with the mission of the organization(s). To exclude one or the other will not work long term. The minute the person with the Positional Power has their back turned everyone will revert back to their previous behavior and habits. Consider working in a group or non-profit where you needed the cooperation from those outside your organization. How do you get it? Here is the tip:

Determine your level of authority if any, and learn how to motivate and inspire others to do the work or job without using any authority, only your influence.

You have more influence than you may realize. Even if you have great “Positional Power”. This formula will create more than mere compliance. It will create High Performance (more about this later). I will provide more tips soon. I welcome your stories about how you make this tip work for you. For additional Information visit 08′

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