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Unleash the Inner Potential of Your Leaders

The fast-paced world of today sets new challenges for businesses and organizations. Old authoritative or traditional leadership styles do not seem to work so well in the modern environment.  Administrations are faced with the problem of changing their approach to managerial and leadership roles as well as relationships within companies.

Although the need of an organizational change is widely perceived by leaders of companies, it often turns hard to break the years of established corporate culture and breathe new life into organizations by actually initiating change.

Companies that invest in learning outperform the market by more than 45%. Companies that do not, under perform by 22%.

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

Sam Slay and 357 Solutions, LLC are able to help create and implement change to foster organizational progress to uncover the hidden potential of leaders. With a solid track record of excellent results in the field of leadership development the company has provided a series of training seminars and effective leadership programs covering all aspects of leadership:

  • Overview of Strategy
  • Analyzing the Business Environment
  • Forecasting the Future
  • Creating Core Ideology
  • Defining Your Strategic Direction
  • Defining Your Competitive Advantage
  • Setting Goals
  • Creating a Master Plan
  • Leveraging Time
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Teamwork
Sam Slay Career Builder Elite

Career Builder Elite – A Personal and Professional Development Experience

Career Builder Elite workshops use the latest techniques in adult learning including simulations, case studies, behavior modeling, application exercises, group discussion, and skill building. The emphasis is on application rather than theory. It enables participants to learn new competencies and gives them the tools to apply them back home. Develop knowledge and skills that will significantly increase your personal effectiveness and ability to successfully interact and lead others. Never before have such diverse and critically important business, interpersonal, and leadership topics been combined into a training series with such impact.

Take Charge of Your Future

More Leadership Training Programs from Sam Slay

Positive Impact leadership training program

Positive Impact

(7 Session Program)

Self Mastery leadership training program

Self Mastery

(8 Session Program)

Developing a high performance strategy

Developing a High Performance Strategy

(8 Session Program)

Customer Service

(2 Session Program)

diversity program

Diversity Program

(2 Session Program)

high payoff hiring

High Payoff Hiring

(5 Session Program)

speaking for a lasting impression

Speaking for a Lasting Impression

(3 Session Program)

principles of high performance

Principles of High Performance

(4 Session Program)

high performance leadership

High Performance Leadership

(8 Session Program)

high performance teamwork

Skills For High Performance Teamwork

(7 Session Program)

Principles of trust

The Trust Factor

(8 Session Program)

high performance teams

Developing High Performance Teams

(7 Session Program)

assessing your organization

Assessing Your Organization For High Performance

(8 Session Program)

effective supervisory skills

Effective Supervisory Skills

(2 Session Program)

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