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Angie Griffin

by pcg-admin

“The training has been very informative, and a wonderful learning experience.  I have learned many new skills in time management, conflict resolution, facilitating meetings and communicating with others in the workplace and outside the workplace.  The sessions were not too long, and the group interaction was fun and entertaining to help pass the time quickly.  I also enjoyed how Mr Slay would let individuals of the group have a discussion and help the individuals see the others view point.  I have to say one of the most enjoyable tools used in the training was the required books.  I really loved “Twelve Pillars” and the “Angel Inside”.  The books “Listen Up Leader and “Walk A While In MY Shoes” were informative and the easy to read books gave you a look at the management and employee view points.  The handout card on Harnessing Harmful Behavior was great.  It is something I can hold onto and keep with me at all times.  It is a wonderful reminder to have.  I felt very comfortable speaking my mind and giving my own view points.  I feel as though the training brought the four of us closer together and able to see each others views.  I feel like the four of us have gained even more respect for one another.”

pcg-adminAngie Griffin