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Janet L. FitzPatrick

by pcg-admin

“I attended Career Builder and Positive Impact provided by Sam Slay.  When I started these classes I had “raw” feelings toward a co-worker who is now gone. Before he left, I used all my tools I had learned and tactfully wrote that co-worker an e-mail to let him know where he screwed up with his co-workers, employees and friends.  Also, I was able to forgive this person and no longer harbor ill feelings towards him.  I’ve learned also how to handle many situations much more tactfully than I would have before, ie., going paperless, not using the VOCA logbook anymore, using a new log to enter all information on VOCA cases that is in the system, etc.  My attitude towards my co-workers is much better as well.  I am able to handle multiple situations without getting so upset and angry with them when so many make mistakes, as we are all learning.  All in all, these classes have made me a better person not only in the workplace but also my relationship with my husband. Thank you Sam.”

pcg-adminJanet L. FitzPatrick