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Faith Goodman

by pcg-admin

“Over the past twelve months I have learned a lot.  This class has taught me better ways to deal with conflict/stress not only in my work place, but in my personal life as well.  I personally, often have a hard time with trust.  This class has helped me in building trust within my “Team”.  I have learned how to understand people’s personalities, which therefore helps me understand how to communicate with people/co-workers better.  I also have a habit of keeping things to myself.  With this class I have a better understanding of how sharing my information/opinion may help others.  Everyone may have input or ideas that can better your decisions.   I like to feel that I am a team player, and this class has helped me understand, and how to be a better team player.  I have learned to involve other co-workers in ideas that I may have for our organization.  By doing, and learning all of these new aspects of career building I feel like this will build our team here in our organization.  This class has been very knowledgeable and helpful for my career.”

pcg-adminFaith Goodman